“Being of service to others is what brings true happiness.” - Marie Osmond

The Future of Work


Our services are aimed at preparing people to thrive in the digital economy

Disruptive Technology Readiness Assessments

Our focus here is to rapidly review your organization’s people readiness to efficiently and effectively utilize disruptive technologies.

Disruptive Technology Adoption Assessments

Our focus here is to rapidly review your organization after you invest in Technology Ventures. Using our unique scorecard, we would provide you periodic snapshots on the state of adoption of the technology by your people in the organization.

Disruptive Technology Readiness Preparation

Our focus here is to prepare your organization to absorb the new technology investments being planned. This basically involves filling the gaps in your alignment, with a special focus on People readiness. Custom workshops to “open and prepare” the mind are on offer.


Custom Solutions


Certero Business Corporation is a customer centric business consultancy, market research and custom solutions provider with a global clientele and an array of successful projects to its credit. Our services are customer centric and value driven with niche skills and
customized business specific solutions playing a key role. We made custom business solutions a separate service niche due to increasing demand of customized business communication and interfaces.

We at CerteroCorp consider every business as unique with its respective potential and drawbacks. We are also aware of the fact that every business needs to undergo different layers of complexities and deal with business challenges differently. Naturally, often the standard business solutions in the form of software, digital interface, analytics, apps and consultancy do not fit to specific business needs. This is when our custom business solutions built upon precise modeling help.




Certero Business Corporation provides a niche and innovative approach to Marketing products and services. We work with our technology partners to develop unique strategies that deliver results in the most cost-effective manner.

CerteroCorp is specialized in blending international expertise with local culture to represent products and services with a solution mindset, all the while focussing on balancing the interests of our customers and their customers.

We provide a full spectrum of Marketing services to clients all over the world. If you have a product or service that you are looking to validate and gain traction, Certero, would be the right fit as we go beyond mere presence.



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